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A wiki devoted to Zombie Escape, a mod for Counter-Strike

In September of 2017, many new changes will be implemented to this wiki. Big changes such as portable infoboxes and integrating all Counter-Strike versions (including 1.6, CZ and maybe even CSO) will be discussed here. As such, the buttons on this mainpage will soon undergo changes as well.
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This wiki contains all information about Zombie Escape, a mod available for Counter-Strike, Counter-Strike: Source and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. You can start navigating the wiki by clicking any of the buttons at the top of the mainpage.

Should you need any further assistance don't hesitate to contact Jorre22225.
News Section
  • New: Counter-Strike 1.6 maps will finally be added to the wiki, as well as a servers list for CS1.6!
  • New: Project PREDATOR and others have been started. These projects are set up to completely finish all aspects of maps (like predator) by creating all their articles about Special Items, Special characters, Bosses etc...
  • New: All characters and items pages are updated to have better oversight and more information.

You are free and highly encouraged to edit the wiki, add extra information or upload valuable images. When you do so, however, we would like you to read the rules before you proceed to make sure that you understand our policies on editting, signatures and uploading.

There are few rules, all of which are easy to understand. Reading them takes a few minutes and it would help you in the right direction. We thank you beforehand and wish you a happy time on the Wiki!

Recent Changes

Recent Changes (Detailed list)

What is your favorite Counter-Strike for Zombie Escape?

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To-do List

These are pages that you could really help us with by improving them. (Please don't forget to read the Rules first.)

In addition, here is a complete list of all maps requiring completion.

Featured Maps
  • Anchelion reigns over the wintery lands!Go to ze_Frostdrake_Tower
  • ze_Elevator_EscapeGo to ze_Elevator_Escape
  • The Sorrento page has been updated.Go to ze_Sorrento_Escape
  • The landscapes of ze_Predator_Ultimate!Go to ze_Predator_Ultimate_v3
  • Want to play some minecraft?Go to ze_Minecraft
  • The famous FFVII Mako ReactorGo to ze_FFVII_Mako_Reactor
  • Explore LOTR minas tirithGo to ze_LOTR_Minas_Tirith
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