Zombie Escape is an active mod developed for Counter-Strike: Source, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Garry's Mod and Counter-Strike Online. It is under permanent construction, and most ze_ maps are being developed by professional mappers, using the best methods Source SDK has to offer.


As the name suggests, you'll have to escape from zombies. These zombies are a randomly selected number of players (regardless of the class) at the beginning of the map after a short delay of (usually) 12 seconds. Zombies become Terrorists and all other players become Counter-Terrorists. From here on, the zombies/Terrorists will have all their weapons stripped but the knife and eventually being teleported back to spawn.

The objective for the Counter-Terrorists is to prevent themselves from being 'zombified'. The objective for the zombies/Terrorists is to 'zombify' the Counter-Terrorists to spread out their horde and cause the extinction of the humans.

Basic rulesEdit

  • Zombies can only use their knife to zombify Counter-Terrorists. If a map allows so, they can also use Special Items.
  • Counter-Terrorists can use any weapons allowed by the server they play on.
  • Flashbangs and smokes are prohibited. (Flashbangs are useless and smoke grenades decrease performance).
  • Once zombie, there is no legitimate way to become a human.
  • Cheating results in a permanent ban.

Guide Edit

Look at this guide to get started!