Zombies are the main enemies in the Zombie Escape mod. In-game, these are the replacement of Terrorists. A select amount of players will be randomly turned into zombies at the start of each round on a map, having all their weapons stripped (except for the knife).


The objective for zombies is to convert humans (players) into zombies by the act of knifing them. Expanding the horde is a crucial factor for increasing their overall power and taking over the world. When all humans are either converted or dead, zombies automatically win the round.


Zombies suffer from knockback, have more health and have slightly increased speed compared to humans. They are still able to jump, crouch, swim and bunnyhop. When a zombie dies or is killed, he will respawn if the server enables this (use !zspawn). Spam jumping in vents or open areas is very effective in maintaining the knockback and running towards your opponent while he is shooting, but beware: spam jumping is not allowed in most servers due to its major advantage.

Zombie types

Principally there are few differences between zombie classes. All zombies should be the same and not differ in speed/knocback/health... They can only do this if the map allows it (because of special weapons or healing packages, ...). Apart from this, many servers have also decided to make different zombie classes. (These classes can be accessed and changed with the !zclass command). Because the majority of the players consider these as indiviuals, separate articles have been created to display each zombie its specifications: