Ze raccoon facility v6b
Game CS: S Css t
Scenario Zombie Escape Zombieescapeicon
Staff and Credits
Author Prof_yaffle
Continued by LeGrem
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ze_Raccoon_Facilty is a zombie escape map originally created by Prof_yaffle, and modified by LeGrem. It appears in Counter-Strike: Source. It is currently unknown if an updated version will appear in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Overview Edit

Development Edit

The map since its release has received a lot of updates, including a rework of the map and is now fully stable.

Last version of the original author. This version is rarely played and has been replaced by the latest version.

First version by LeGrem. There were still some bugs and 1 missing texture.

The current and final/stable version. It has some additions like a voice with a small dialogue and a soundtrack. The missing texture has been fixed.

Map specifications Edit

  • Only indoor areas.
  • 1 soundtrack.

Tactics Edit

You start in the basement, you must go to the stair and break the glass (this is write "umbrella" on it) to open the door. Then you can go to the big stairs way or the little stairs way (recommended). After choose one elevator and cover when it is open, he leave after 15 seconds then you must spend the laser room and some players cover here (when a zombie go in the room the doors will close and the lasers arrive, it hurt zombies but they lose just 50 HP when it touch it). While the door open, humans must go in the sewer, climb the ladder and leave on the pipe (some player must cover here, other player go activate the button and players go to stuck the hole with the distributor and with the green wardrobe). After they can leave and wait until the train leave but cover until it is write in the console "Train depart in 15 seconds".