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Scenario Zombie Escape Zombieescapeicon
Staff and Credits
Author LeGrem
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ze_Parking is a zombie escape map developed by LeGrem and contains level system similar to those of ze_LOTR_Minas_Tirith. It appears in Counter-Strike: Source.

Overview Edit

The map is set in a city where the players must enter a large parking lot complex. Each time the players win a round, the map will progress in to a more advanced level. This could mean a different ending or that they advance further up the tower. The ending takes place on the roof of the complex.

Every first round of the map is a warm-up round in which all the techniques summed up above are briefly explained. During that time, you must hide from zombies at the spawns location until the time goes up (3 mins). When the timer reaches 0, everyone is slayed.

There are 3 levels and a warm-up round.

*First level: you must go to the elevator.
*Second level: you must leave by the street.
*Third level: you must leave by the chopper at the top of the parking.
*Extreme Mode: sames levels but more hard to cover.
     (First level = first)
     (Second level = first + second)
     (Third level = first + second + third)

Now when you arrive to the last cover point in a level, you spend to the next level, if you win or lose (if you win you will have the Special Items for the next level but if you lose, you won't have Special Items for the next level)

Development Edit

There have been a few versions of this map, the most recent being the most stable. There was an issue in an older version where some clients would crash at the end of one of the stages. These issues have been fixed and the map is now problem-free.

This new version (v3_0) had one bug left: In the second level in normal, when you win instead of go to the third level normal, you go to the third level extreme.

Now the map (v3_1) don't have any bug.

Map specifications Edit

Tactics Edit

  • The map features many special weapons. Some of them being the Mini Gun created by Luffaren (system) and JorisCeoen (model), placeable mines, a grenade launcher and a flamethrower. If these are used wisely your team can easily gain a large advantage over the zombies.

Notes Edit

  • This map features many custom models from the popular first person shooter Left 4 Dead.'