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Ze infiltration final
Game CS: S Css t
Scenario Zombie Escape Zombieescapeicon
Staff and Credits
Author Luffaren
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ze_Infiltration is a zombie escape map developed by Luffaren. It appears in Counter-Strike: Source.

Overview Edit

You spawn in a forest, clearly affected by the facility, which you have to make your way through. Escape the facility and run to the chopper, as the facility will explode in a short amount of time!

The map consists out of either three or four spawns (correct me), all set up at different places. Some paths join together in a huge hallway, with a 30 seconds opening time door. After that, they can ride the tram through a dark tunnel, where the other spawns join the path. From there on, you follow the same path, however you might have the chance to split up, but don't! Look Hints!

The huge elevator will bring you back to the valley, where the Heli is departing, often glitched, by leaving too early. Eventually, not more than 10 humans will be able to survive to the chopper, since you get lost quickly!

Development Edit

Detail for this version is unknown.

Hints & Strategies Edit

  • This map consists out of a lot of dead ends, and it is hard to find the way, when not experienced! So stay together, and follow the people, who walk in a steady pase! They often know the route!
  • When you reach the freight-elevator, take it! When you use the ladders on the right, you will experience an awfull holding position, until the people of the elevator arrive!
  • You might notice some annoying holding position through-out the map, taking only 10 seconds or so. Try to be in there in 10 seconds, since it will block any human/zombie.