Ze Deathstar Escape
Game CS: S Css t
Scenario Zombie Escape Zombieescapeicon
Origin Star Wars
Zombie speed Fast* preferred
Special Items 2 types
Staff and Credits
Author FreeZe
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ze_Death_Star_Escape is a Zombie Escape map developed by FreeZe, and is themed on the popular Star Wars movies. It appears in Counter-Strike: Source.



There have been many different versions of the map. After the Orange Box update, the author had to release a fixed version to get the map working properly again on the new engine.

Map specifications

  • Custom textures
  • Soundtracks
  • 2 Special Items: the blue light saber and the red light saber


The map starts at six spawn groups, in three different spawn locations in pairs:

  • The first being in area with bunk beds.
  • The second spawn is a garbage storage
  • The last spawn is the bridge/ventilation room.

Once the players have worked there way out of the spawn, they will all gather in a corridor which is again divided in 2 corridors marked A and B. At this point, the players are free to choose on what route they would like to go. Route A leads to a light bridge and route B leads them to a laser generator. After a short delay, the players are able rejoin and make their way to the canteen. On the way, lightsabers can be aqcuired through a secret route. After holding the canteen, humans will retreat to an outside area (the atmosphere) where the gravity is significantly changed. At the end, the humans will reach the final main hold where the shuttle is located. Escaping in the shuttle without being harmed will successfully finish the map.

  • The map features two usable lightsabars. A red double one and a blue single one. A player with a lightsaber can use it wisely at bottle neck points to get the best knockback.
  • Be careful inside the final escape vehicle: Even though this map is easy to win, it often can go wrong at the end when the door of the shuttle closes. If players are standing on it they will get stuck half in and half out of a shuttle. As a result, zombies underneath the shuttle will infect these stuck players, causing the stuck players to then go on and infect those inside.


  • This map will set the gravity to 615 HU s-2 instead of the normal 800 regardless the server settings. Moreover, in the atmosphere section the gravity will be further reduced to roughly 22% of its original, i.e. 135 HU s-2.
  • Another map adjustment is changing the time limit per round to 7 minutes.


  • The Mapper FreeZe wanted to implement a controllable cannon to shoot down the shuttle but it did not make it into the final cut.
Hideout Gaming - Death Star Escape Action (CSS)

Hideout Gaming - Death Star Escape Action (CSS)