The "trollface" or "coolface".

A troll is an worldwide known internet slang, usually used to describe someone who is posing off-topic, irrelevant, inflammatory or extraneous information to a particular subject on internet. This can happen in an online community (such as this wikia), on a forum, in-game, chat room and/or blog.

In Counter-StrikeEdit

The word "troll" has become a very famous word among the online gaming community, often to describe someone who is completely missing the point or goal of the game/mod. Especially in Counter-Strike: Source:

  • Many players use this word to highlight a player who is acting in such a way.
  • In the zombie escape mod, there are frequently a lot of (new) players who don't know how to play the mod or do not know a particular map. This often results in many players getting quickly zombified every time a new round starts, or leading to circumstances of players not knowing where to go at all. In some cases, players may think such people are trolling, thinking they are purposely getting zombified in order to achieve easier kills.
  • It is used even more often to point players who are acting completely off-topic (consciously) while they know the map perfectly, generally to provoke funny reactions and/or irritation among the other players.
  • When you are called a troll because you don't know what to do, the best method is to simply ignore these reactions.

On this wiki Edit

Trolling on the wiki is considered unprofessional and is generally disregarded by many users. Trolling may be:

  • Answering completely off-topic to questions on talk pages.
    • You will generally never be banned, but you might be warned by an admin to stay by the subject, or you might be muted.
  • Posting invalid or off-topic information on official pages.
    • A warning will appear right on your talk page if you have an account here on the wiki. Whenever an anonymous user does this 3 times, he will be banned for a minimum period of a month.
  • Blanking and/or vandalizing pages in order to achieve stress or panic among the wiki.
    • The IP of the user will be permanently banned. An unbanning process is out of the question.