Maverick M4A1 Carbine
Zewikia weapon assaultrifle m4a1 css
Alternate name(s)




Clip capacity

30 rounds

Weight (loaded)

3.22 kilograms

Used by
  • Counter-Terrorists
Reload time

3 seconds

The Maverick M4A1 Carbine, often referred to as M4 is one of the 6 assault rifles featured in Counter-Strike: Source. It is only available to Counter-Terrorists.


These specifications are generalized to make it easy for people who want to play the Zombie Escape mod, and therefor only the specifications of the weapon relative to the gameplay will be displayed for easy understanding.

Primary attack Yes Automatic
Secondary Attack Yes Attach silencer

Damage min = 23

max = 131

Knockback (against zombies) Bodyshot = Moderate
Headhot = Moderate
Recoil (of the weapon) Moderate
Rate of fire ± 11 shots/s (30 clips/magazine)
Speed reduction Moderate
Reloading time Fast
Accuracy Extremely accurate


The Maverick M4A1 Carbine is by far one of the most popular assault rifles along with the CV-47. There are still some factors which reduce its popularity in the zombie escape gameplay significantly. First of all that it is unable to handle more than 1 zombie at a time (just like the CV-47). Also, even if it has a perfectly controllable recoil, it's still too high for the zombie escape gameplay. Shooting at full trigger will render this weapon useless. Its greatest advantage is that it slows down zombies a bit if hit, therefore it is more common than the CV-47. Because many players don't believe this, we will still put its advantages and disadvantages appart to show you why its not that efficient for this gameplay:


  • Its very, very accurate and provides very high damage. So if you prefer to deal high damage to zombies to force them to cover, then this weapon is useful.
  • NEVER shoot at full trigger. Doing so will give this weapon an unusually high recoil, thus losing its efficiency.
  • It slows down zombies when hit, thus excellent at single-target. If you are still fast enough to shoot multiple zombies, it can qualify for a capable cover-weapon.


  • It has a high recoil when shooting at full trigger. Try the same trigger-technique as the CV-47 (Shooting only 4-5 bullets/trigger).
  • It is not really outmatched against the speed of zombies, but you should always switch to knife or pistol to escape, because they will catch up with you in time.
  • Strange enough, head-shooting is not efficient with this weapon, so don't focus on doing it.
  • It is not even able to hold off 2 zombies, so its only efficient for single-target. For this reason, only 1-2 players should actually carry this weapon and should provide backup for the late players rather than any other function.
  • The silencer is completely useless. You should never use it.