This is the early version of the setup example. It is commented that the guide is not given very clearly, thus an update will come.

Name of the map
Game(s) CS: S Css t
Scenario Zombie Escape Zombieescapeicon
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put the correct name of your map here ALWAYS in bold say some basic things about it and ALWAYS add the author. If the author is really unknow or impossible to find, say 'anonymous author'.

Overview Edit

Say what it is, what's the point/story, what's the goal? etc etc

Development Edit

Map history (If there is any). Do it with the following layout:

name of map first verion
insert here your information

name of map second version
insert here your information


Map specifications Edit


  • Custom props/models
  • Materias
  • Guide (Cloud)
  • 5 levels (4 levels + 1 ZM-level)
  • Many different soundtracks.

Tactics Edit

Explain how to beat the map. If it's too big, you should create a new page call "guide to <insert your map here>" (Version nr is not required)

Notes Edit

If there are any, always begin your note with the "*":

  • put your note here

Trivia Edit

Trivia is extra information which is nice to know. Like "did you know that"...

  • put your trivia here

Credits Edit

Thanks to Error17 I also came on the idea to put up a credits section.

  • Map creator (might be irrelevant as it is always mentioned above in the general info section anyway!
  • <Put in name here> (<give his/her function>)
  • ditto
  • ...
  • ...

Gallery Edit