A map in Counter-Strike: Source is the playable environment where all the scenario takes place. It uses the .bsp file format. Maps are created and updated in Hammer (Source SDK). While many maps are officialy created by Valve, the majority has by far reached custom maps from mappers around the world! Everyone is always welcome to use Hammer and create maps, as long as they have a Source game.

Official maps

Official maps are all the maps Valve made for the Counter-Strike series. These include de_dust, cs_assault, cs_office, de_aztec, ...

Most servers will offer these type of maps for the classic gameplay of Counter-Strike: Source.

Custom maps

Maps that are created by users who bought the game relative to the map. These are for example all the ze_maps, surf_maps, aim_maps, gg_maps, deathrun_maps, 35hp_maps, mg_maps, ...

To find these type of maps, you should browse in your servers window with any of these extensions. Servers will most likely offer maps of only one specific map type.

Type of maps

In Counter-Strike series, vast majority of maps are classified into a type, which is also indicated by using a tag at the beginning of the map name, so that players can sort map titles by putting map type the highest priority, and search by filtering using the tags. By looking at the tag, players can immediately have a rough idea of what the target or game play mode that map is.

The following is a list of common map types and their tags played in Counter-Strike series, with "map" as a wildcard to custom map name.

  • de_map = Bomb Defusal
  • cs_map = Hostage Rescue
  • as_map = Assassination
  • fy_map = Fight Yard
  • aim_map = Aim Mode
  • awp_map = AWP maps (AWP-only)
  • surf_map = Surf Mode
  • 35hp_map = 35hp Mode (knife-only)
  • deathrun_map: Deathrun maps
  • ba_map = Jailbreak Mode
  • bhop_map = Bunny Hopping maps
  • 3rooms_map = 3 Room Mode
  • ag_map = ?
  • $2000_map = ?
  • 3mc_map = ?
  • gg_map = Gun Game mode
  • mg_map = Mini Game maps
  • zr_map = Zombie Riot
  • zm_map = Zombie Mod maps
  • ze_map = Zombie Escape maps

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