Zewikia weapon smg ump45 css
Alternate name(s)

UMP 45



Clip capacity

35 rounds

Weight (loaded)

2.27 kilograms

Used by
  • Counter-Terrorists
  • Terrorists
Reload time

3.75 seconds

The KM UMP45, often referred to as UMP45, is one of the 5 submachine guns featured in Counter-Strike: Source.

Specifications Edit

These specifications are generalised to make it easy for people who want to play the zombie escape mod, and therefor only the specifications of the weapon relative to the gameplay will be displayed for easy understanding.

Primary attack Yes Fully automatic
Secondary Attack No

Damage min = 14

max = 117

Knockback (against zombies) Bodyshot = Low
Headhot = Low
Recoil (of the weapon) Low
Rate of fire ± 9 shots/s (30 clips/magazine)
Speed reduction None
Reloading time Slow
Accuracy Very accurate

Usage Edit

The KM UMP45 is generally never seen into the zombie escape gameplay, it might even be rarer than the Ingram Mac-10. This is mainly due to its lowest rate of fire of all weapons. At full trigger, it will not even be able to hold off a single zombie unless used very accuratly. Using this weapon for its accuracy is a bad idea because it will be outmatched by all its disadvantages such as low damage, unreliable knockback and slow reload.