Humans are the protagonists in the Zombie Escape mod which are controlled by online players. In-game, they are the replacement of the Counter-Terrorists. Humans have a small chance of becoming a zombie at the start of every round (no exceptions). They have access to all buyable weapons that the servers allow through !zmarket, even from the terrorist side.


If not selected as a zombie, their only objective is to survive against the zombie horde until the very end of a map. Secondary (but undeniable) objectives include defeating a boss character, solving puzzles or picking up objects.

Human typesEdit

There is no difference between any of the 8 available human classes (4 T and 4 CT). Both the Terrorists and the Counter-Terrorist models are brought together under the Counter-Terrorist class once the zombies have been selected, thus forming the escaping team. The only differences can be noticed between admins and the regular online player (varies between servers). Admins have abilities that regular players don't, but is not considered cheating as they utilise those perks to keep gameplay in order. Contrary to belief, admins are never excluded from having a chance of being selected as a zombie.

Counter-Strike: SourceEdit

Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveEdit


Teamwork is a crucial factor in order to achieve success on a map. Look at this guide for more information.

Notes Edit

  • Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists cannot kill each other, even during the period when there are no zombies selected yet.
  • Friendly fire is always disabled. This also counts for Special Items because if they could kill teammates, that specific map would be disallowed on arguably all servers.

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