Health, often referred to as 'HP', is the amount of life calculted in points in-game that a player or any 'living' entity has. It represents your 'life', your abilty to be in a map, to interact with anything and everyone, to use weapons and special attacks. All-in-all, as long as you have life you can play the game.


  • Health can be reduced by being shot, falling from a high distance, burning, drowning, electrocuted, fall into traps, ...
  • Once your health reaches zero, you die. At this point, you will only be able to spectate the other players and chat. In the zombie escape mod, you will most likely respawn as a zombie to aid the zombie horde. If you don't want this to happen, you should type the '!spectate' command, by which you will be placed in the spectate list.
  • You can only be healed if an entity in the map (like Special Weapons/Items) do this. (This is technically not the game that heals, but a trigger_hurt with a negative damage value parented to a weapon/item.)