The purpose of this guide is to explain a particular technique for this wikia as detailed as possible with the necessary images and information.

If there is anything you do not agree with on this guide, feel free to add it to the talk page before posting it into the guide!

Basics Edit

  • You'll need to know how to start a page.
  • Knowing how to type/use HTTP code (eventually)

Guide Edit

This will be a very short and simple guide. We'll start by explaing what a talk page is and what the use of it is on this wikia.


A talk page is a page of another page that is solely used for asking questions, suggesting changes, highlighting errors, creating different versions, ...
You can see the difference of these pages very easily! For example:

'If your page is called 'Custompage', then its talk page would be 'Talk:Custompage'.

Not all pages have a talk page. This is probably because:

  • The page has never been visited... (It is possible indeed).
  • The page is frequently visited but has never caused any problem by all of the visitors/users.
  • No one ever felt like creating one for it.

Despite these reasons, you can always start a talk page of a page if you want to ask a question or suggest something!

How do you start a talkpage? Very simple!

  • If the talk page didn't exist before, you will be able to create the talk page of that page by simply hitting the contribute button and click "add a page". Insert first "Talk:" and then "nameofthepage".
  • Again, if it didn't exist before, you can also click the "Talk-bubble" next to the edit button! This way, the page will be created automaticly for you. You'll need to save the page regardless if you insert something or not in order to save it though.

All right! You created a talk page and are now ready to ask all possible questions about the article!