Zewikia crawler zombie css
Crawler Zombie
Team Zombie
Origin Half-Life 2

The crawler is a zombie featured in Zombie Escape. This type is uncommon and one of the more unique classes. It's considered the best type of all zombies because players will hardly see your model, especially if it's behind a crate where it'll be fully covered as opposed to any other zombie.

Contrary to belief, the hitboxes are determined by the size of the model and not by the default zombie rig (skeleton/size). You will not be able to hit a crawler behind obstacles that fully cover its mesh.

Because of its severely limited visibility and the difficulty to target these in big zombie hordes, they are usually the first class to easily trigger a human wipe. They have been subject to much controversy in the history of zombie escape and are still regarded as one of the most, if not the most overpowered zombie class.


These are specifications based on the general gameplay experience. These numbers do not represent accurate results for each and every individual server.

Wireframe (Hitboxes) 1/3 of a default model.
Health Decreased (Around 3500)
Knockback Increased
Speed Decreased
Visibility* 1/3 of a default model.

Note: * Visibilty is calculated based on the hitboxes, not the wireframe.


  • If you play as a crawler, you will still have to crouch to get through vents and pass under other obstacles. You are not actually 'cut in half' (or being half of another player), as you still play from the same perspective as a default player. This is because the collision model remains the same, but the wireframe and hitboxes are reduced. The same applies to jumping; You will still jump as high as any other zombie can, even though it might look like you couldn't.


  • The zombie model is the same as the crawler zombies in Half-Life 2, with the headcrab removed from the head.
  • Ironically, this zombie can jump and crouch while it has no legs.