Using cheats, or cheating, is the act of playing a game with standards or possibilities beyond the normal gameplay.


  • When a player cheats, he/she can perform actions which other players cannot.
  • Cheating in Counter-Strike: Source can be done by opening the console and typing sv_cheats 1.
  • Cheating on a server should be impossible for normal players due to VAC-security and the protection measures of the server itself. Thus, cheating appears on public servers should not be simply typing the code.
  • An example of cheating in a Zombie Escape server is using bunny hopping (bhop) script, which will allow the user bhop on perfect scripted timings in order to reduce all speed lost on every jumps.

Reputation of cheating

  • Cheating is highly disregarded among the Zombie Escape community! Players doing so will undeniably get permanently banned by their IP-address.
  • To ensure honest gameplay, never try to cheat. If you intend on doing so, remember that almost all players play this mod for pleasure and distraction. Do not ruin it for them and save yourself a lot of trouble. The community will thank you beforehand!