Zewikia weapon assaultrifle bullpup css
Alternate name(s)




Clip capacity

30 rounds

Weight (loaded)

4.09 kilograms

Used by
  • Counter-Terrorists
Reload time

4 seconds

The Bullpup, often referred to as AUG, is one of the 6 assault rifles featured in Counter-Strike: Source. It is only available to Counter-Terrorists.


These specifications are generalised to make it easy for people who want to play the Zombie Escape mod, and therefor only the specifications of the weapon relative to the gameplay will be displayed for easy understanding.

Primary attack Yes Automatic
Secondary Attack Yes Zoom in (no scope)

Damage min = 22

max = 127

Knockback (against zombies) Bodyshot = Low
Headhot = Moderate
Recoil (of the weapon) High
Rate of fire ± 9 shots/s (30 clips/magazine)
Speed reduction Moderate
Reloading time Very Slow
Accuracy Very accurate


The Bullpup is a rare assault rifle because its almost specifically designed for single-target only (It is slighlty more rare than the Krieg 552). The zoom-in function is completely useless, it has moderate damage, low knockback and moderate recoil. All-in-all, this weapon has far more disadvantages regarding the zombie escape gameplay than advantages, and is therefor not recommended. If you are very, very skilled, you might use it to headshot zombies from long ranges with the zoom-in function, but remember that it loses significantly much accuracy while zoomed-in.