Zewikia alien zombie css
Alien Zombie
Team Zombie
Origin Alien VS Predator

The alien zombie is a zombie featured in Zombie Escape. It's identical to a standard zombie but has a different model and variable speed. It is very popular among the servers and is considered as the iconic representation of the mod.

Over the years alternative skins have taken over the dominant appearance of this model and therefore its appearance has decreased considerably since the start of Zombie Escape.


These are specifications based on the general gameplay experience. These numbers do not represent accurate results for each and every individual server.

Hitboxes 2/3 of a default zombie.
Health Normal (Around 3500)
Knockback Normal
Speed Normal
Visibility* 2/3 of a default zombie.

Note: * Visibilty is calculated based on the hitboxes, not the wireframe.


  • The model originates from Alien VS Predator.
  • This model serves as the current Zombie Escape Wikia favicon.