228 Compact
Zewikia weapon pistol p228 css
Alternate name(s)




Clip capacity

13 rounds

Weight (loaded)

1.03 kilogram

Used by
  • Counter-Terrorists
  • Terrorists
Reload time

5 seconds

The 228 Compact Sidearm, sometimes referred to as P228, is of the 5 available pistols in Counter-Strike: Source. On the normal Counter-Strike: Source gameplay modes, this weapon is available to both teams, but zombies cannot use it.


These specifications are generalised to make it easy for people who want to play the zombie escape mod, and therefor only the specifications of the weapon relative to this gameplay will be displayed for easy understanding.

Primary attack Yes Semi-automatic
Secondary Attack No

Damage min = 16

max = 157

Knockback (against zombies) Moderate (Bodyshot)
High (Headshot)
Recoil (of the weapon) Very high.
Rate of fire ± 9 shots/s (13 clips/magazine)
Speed reduction None
Reloading time Fast
Accuracy Very high accuracy


This is one of the best pistols for the zombie escape gameplay since it has great knockback and is very accurate. Thanks to its high rate of fire, you can easily hold of at least 2 zombies if under pressure. It's the third best pistol with the .40 Dual Elites being its successor.


  • Although almost unnoticable, its reload time is the longest of all pistols along with the .40 Dual Elites.