.40 Dual Elites
Zewikia weapon pistol elite css
Alternate name(s)




Clip capacity

20 rounds

Weight (loaded)

1.15 kilograms

Used by
  • Terrorists
Reload time

5 seconds

The .40 Dual Elites Sidearms, often referred to as Elites, is one of the 5 pistols featured in Counter-Strike: Source. It is normally only available to Terrorists, but zombies cannot use weapons. Counter-Terrorists can buy one through !zmarket. It is arguably as equally popular as the Night Hawk .50c.


These specifications are generalised to make it easy for people who want to play the Zombie Escape mod, and therefor only the specifications of the weapon relative to the gameplay will be displayed for easy understanding.

Primary attack Yes Semi-automatic
Secondary Attack No

Damage min = 23

max = 177

Knockback (against zombies) Bodyshot = Moderate
Headshot = High
Recoil (of the weapon) Moderate
Rate of fire Random* (20 clips/magazine)
Speed reduction None
Reloading time Fast
Accuracy Random*

Note: * This weapon's rate of fire & accuracy is dependent on how fast you click!


This weapon is highly favored by players due to its moderate knockback and dependable rate of fire. Being the most expensive pistol, it is still a very good choice due to its big clip magazine. If you can click very fast while controlling the accuracy, this weapon can outmatch the Night Hawk .50c!


  • There is a trick that you can bind your primary fire key to "MWHEELUP", thus allowing for an ridiculous fast rate of fire. However, your accuracy will be so low that doing so is totally useless.